The Story

With the ever-growing demand for delivery, JGO was created. JGO aims to bring your everyday essentials into your hands safely
and quickly. This is the core of what we do for the community. As a delivery service provider, you can rely on JGO to assist you in
handling goods from one hand to another. In a busy world like ours, these are what matter. For business owners, we mobilize
enterprises by bringing merchandise straight to your customer’s doorsteps. For the community, we deliver your daily essentials
and pleasures to your homes. For our partner riders, we bring them work opportunities for a better life.


See what it takes to be an On-The JGO Rider and join the JGO Community. Get a chance to earn and work on your own time. Kaibigan JGO na!


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I'm sure we've all travelled to a foreign destination in our lives. The culture, food, people,
architecture, and wonder fill our excitement in these unfamiliar lands. These are some of the few
things you can't help but long for. Now that things are different, we can only but form a picture of
what it'd be like if we were to experience them once more.