Terms & Conditions


1.1 "JGO Delivery" shall refer to JGO Delivery Philippines, an online courier-matching platform with a registered office at 8415 Dr. Arcadio Santos Avenue, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila. It is a duly registered corporation under Philippine law, licensed to operate the JGO Delivery User's application or program in providing services to its customers.

1.2 “User” refers to both natural and juridical persons who download JGO Delivery’s proprietary software on a mobile device to make a food order through the software for hire of a private carrier service.

1.3 "Food Delivery Services" and refers to the services a “participating driver” settled by the personal liability of the user, which includes the pickup, transportation and delivery of the user's food order from merchant’s location to the location serviceability using a booked vehicle, as well as any add-on services, pursuant to an order.

1.4 “Participating Driver” and “partner drivers” refer to a licensed driver who has been duly accredited by JGO Delivery’s rider program who may be willing, at his/her sole discretion, to provide Private Carrier Services to a User.

1.5 “Order” confirmed delivery bookings of food or beverage from a merchant placed on the platform.



1.1 Placing an order through the platform means ordering from the merchant and not to JGO. The user agrees that JGO is used only as a platform to order goods from the merchant.

1.2 Placed orders on the platform are confirmed, and shall be delivered by the participating driver or partner drivers. The user must be responsible in providing the accurate or complete delivery details.

1.3 When placing an order. Partner drivers shall not be liable for the non-delivery of an order due to erroneous delivery details provided upon the placement of an order. As a user you are obliged to provide accurate, complete and truthful information.

1.4 Once the placed orders are accepted and confirmed by the merchant, an in-app notification will be sent confirming that the order is in process.

1.5 You will be informed by us for the unavailability of any item from your orders via in-app or through phone call.

1.6 JGO has no control on the availability or inventory of the goods placed by the merchant on the platform.


2.1 Prices to be displayed on the platform shall be in Philippine Peso (PHP) including the applicable taxes.

2.2 Orders placed through the platform must be paid by the user upon the completion of delivery by means of the available payment method, may it be through cash on delivery or through online payment.

2.3 The total amount of the order including the delivery charge will be displayed on the order page of the app. The user has the right to check the total bill and place an order once confirmed.

2.4 Available online payment methods: Credit / Debit card, GCash Scan to Pay.

2.5 If you choose to pay via online payment, you agree to provide your information and to process the gathered information by our third party payment partner. JGO will not store your payment information on its platform.

2.6 The user will be entitled to a refund after a conduct of investigation and confirmation that the goods delivered are wrong or is not deemed to be accepted by the user.


3.1 JGO will deliver the order to the delivery address provided by you at the time of placing your order.

3.2 The delivery time indicated on the platform is only an approximation and will vary depending on the merchant’s process flow, weather and traffic conditions.

3.3 Users may contact the assigned rider to check the status of delivery if the order was not delivered yet on the specified time.


Cancellation for any reason caused by the user:

4.1 If after several attempts the user remains uncontactable, JGO shall cancel the order and it shall not be acceptable as valid cause for a request for refund.

4.2 The user is uncontactable after several attempts of contacting via in-app chat and calls.

4.3 JGO has the right to cancel an order for reasons of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Wrong Item Delivered:

4.4 Users may contact the customer support team in order to report the wrong item delivered to the user. It is due for the user to provide accurate and more detailed information when reporting such issues. Photos relative to such issues may be further required.


5.1 JGO at any time may run a promotional campaign at its own discretion. Each promo shall run in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth for each promo.

5.2 Coupons made available for the users are to be used only upon placing an order on the platform.


6.1 These terms of use shall be effective from the date you have signed up and accepted these terms of use.

6.2 JGO has the right to suspend or fully terminate your account if upon investigation your account has been found to be involved in an illegal or fraudulent activity, or by breach of the terms of use.


JGO has the right to amend any part of these terms and shall be effective immediately upon publishing to its website or app. In case of disagreement the user may discontinue the use of the platform.